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The Society of Garden Designers

Guidance for Clients on Professional Fees

Above is a handy document giving you advice on costs that Garden Designers are likely to charge. 

Fundamentally it explains that there are different ways for you to hire a garden designer:

  • Pay by the hour

  • Pay a lump sum agreed at the outset

  • Pay a percentage fee according to costs of hard and soft landscaping

For smaller projects, paying by the hour or an agreed lump sum is more usual. Following my Free Initial Consultation I will write to you with a breakdown of expected costs of each stage of the design. These are estimates only and any additional work required is only undertaken with your agreement. Equally, if I do it in a shorter time, then the cost is less!

Paying a percentage fee is usual on projects likely to cost more than £10,000, and the greater the cost, usually the cheaper it becomes. % designer fee varies from approximately 18% for a £10,000 garden (i.e. £1,800), to 12% for a £60,000 garden (i.e. £7,200).

For further information please do not hesitate to contact me, and remember, my Initial Consultation is free.

(within 30 mile radius of Durham City - thereafter there is a charge of 45p per mile for any mileage above 30 miles)

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