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title. Cottage Front garden

date. 2018

location. County Durham

The Brief: The client bought and had renovated this stone cottage. The cottage faces directly South and access to the front door is from the pavement and through the garden. In front of the cottage is village green, and although raised, because all of the living accommodation is on one level, the client felt that they were quite overlooked whilst moving around their property.

The client enjoys a small level of pottering in the garden  but recognised that they would not be able to maintain the garden and therefore felt that they would use the services of a gardener once the garden was completed. They were more drawn to bright and hot colours. They wanted structure in the garden, both in terms of hard landscaping and planting. 

The Plan

Cottage front plan.jpg

The garden, although mainly level, had steps down to the pavement and also the front door was quite a step up from ground level. The plan therefore incorporates ramps to these areas, for access. 

Cottage front plan 2.jpg
Cottage front plan 3.jpg


Cottage front 1.jpg

The Process

Cottage front 3.jpg
Cottage front 2.jpg


Finished 2.jpg
Finished 4.jpg
Finished 3.jpg
Finished 1.jpg
Finished 5.jpg
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