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title. Water feature

date. 2019

location. County Durham

The Brief : The owner is a wonderful gardener and wanted a feature to enhance the space, to provide a focus from the house and to add sound to the garden. The owner was quite clear about what she wanted in terms of the feature and so a rough idea was drafted out. 

The design

Rill plan.png

The process

As can often be the case when you start construction - it doesn't turn out as simple as you initially think. Unfortunately the main issue that we soon realised was that the water table was actually relatively close to the surface making the construction of a sunken rill of water more complex as it would have meant tanking the rill. Also, whilst the area looked generally level, on closer inspection it was sloping across the site as well as from front to back. Adjustments to the plans were made and agreed with the client. 

Water rill building
Water rill building
Water rill building

The result

Water rill

Brick edging and sandstone paving was used to blend the water feature into the rest of the garden and fantastic greenhouse. 

Although not shown here, solar lights were installed to bring the space to life at night.

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